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We at Martin Clarke's have many, many years experience in all aspects of domestic central heating and boiler installations and therefore can offer a wealth of expert advice and recommendation to ensure the ideal method of heating your home is offered.

If you'd like to save energy, there's really only one type of boiler technology to choose - condensing boilers, otherwise known as 'High Efficiency'.
All UK Building Regulations require their use with only limited exceptions permitted. That's because they are designed to use less gas (and create less emissions) to produce the same amount of heat as an older boiler. With less gas used, not only will it save you up to 30% on your gas bills, you'll also help save the environment, by producing less Carbon Dioxide - a major cause of global warming.
Should it not be permissible to fit a condensing boiler then we can recommend an alternative standard efficiency boiler suitable for your needs.
So why not give us a call and we can arrange for Mr Clarke to call and give you a competitive quotation and as members of 'Warm Front* a 300 heating rebate could be available to you if you are eligible for the scheme. Further information on the Warm Front scheme can be found on their web site

Servicing of your Boiler/Gas Fire not only helps to prolong the life of your appliance but most importantly is an assurance of its safety. Carbon monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that has no colour, taste or smell. Badly installed or poorly maintained fuel appliances can cause gas leaks or produce carbon monoxide, That's why we recommend that your gas appliances are serviced annually.
We service the following appliances:
  • Boilers
  • Combination Boilers
  • Back Boiler Unit & Fire
  • Gas Fires
  • Water Heaters

It is a legal requirement for all landlords to have all gas appliances checked annually for their safety, once the inspections has been carried out a Gas Safety Certificate is then issued. Note: This does not include the servicing of appliances, this would be in addition.

We offer a full repair service on defective boilers and gas fires where possible.

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